Friday, January 1, 2016

Planned papers for 2016

Last year, Jan Jensen published his publication plans for 2015. I will do the same this year, mostly as a way to force myself to stop procrastinating, as I have a large backlog of research which is ready for publication  (except fo the pesky little detail that I have not started to write the papers).
So here it goes.... This year, I plan to submit my research on :
  • the reactivity of P450 compound I towards 1,2-dihydroazaborines
  • computational develoment of lead compunds for inhibition of plasmid-borne DHFR
  • computational development of inhibitors of anthrax protective antigen cleavage by furin
  • the influence of solute-solvent dispersion/repulsion interactions on the behavior of molecular torsion balances
  • the binding of rubromycin derivatives to telomerase and DNA polymerase
  • the reaction mechanism of copper-catalyzed addition of azides to iodoalkynes
  • the reaction mechanism of copper-catalyzed aldol synthesis described by Marek
  • analysis of molecular determinants of inhibitor binding to monoamine oxidases A and B
  • reactivity of MerB towards p-block organometallic compounds 
  • electron-transfer to oxygen vs. singlet-triplet crossings in a cofactor-free dioxygenase 

I will force myself to update this list with a progress report every month. Let's see if I can "shame myself" into getting  my thoughts in paper :-)