Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do you want to publish for free in PeerJ?

I started following the Open Access movement ca. 2 yrs ago, mostly through the blogs of Michael Eisen, Jan Jensen and Mike Taylor. I was obvioulsy well aware of the successful OA outfits, like PLOS and BiomedCentral, but had never considered publishing there due to the shortage of funds and the non-reimbursability of such expenses by my country's Science Foundation. I joined PeerJ shortly after they "opened for business", due to their their very small fees and because of commitment to transparent peer-review , which to my eyes sets them apart from the wide number of OA venues which spam email boxes daily all over the world. 
After publishing my first paper on PeerJ, I have received five referral codes from them, each of which entitles an author to the free publication of a paper in PeerJ. The codes expire on August 10th. Should you wish to take advantage of one of these, please drop me a line. PeerJ only accepts submissions on the area of Biology, which is defined very broadly (from ecology and paleontology to virology, bioinformatics and computational biochemistry).

Addendum (July, 21st, 2014): Four codes have been distributed. One left to go

Addendum (September, 14th, 2014): I have received five new codes, valid through October 2nd, 2014. Any takers?

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